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Fall 2016

Magazine Articles 

Poisoning the District : Lead in D.C. Pipes By: Miranda Cleland

Nar(can) Save Lives: It's Worth the Cost By: Alana Persson and Will Fowler 

Dallas' Own United Nations: Going to School as a Refugee By: Caroline Garrison

Not a Green Eagle: AU's Composting Problem By: Laurel Clark

Painting the Town Red: The Rise of Left-Wing Populism By: Thomas Pool

Birth Behind Bars: Shackling Women During Labor By: Rachel Falek

Defining 'Cappuccino City' - Profile: Derek Hyra By: Paloma Losada

Race in the Kitchen: The Devaluation of Ethnic Food By: Ashley Tejeda

From Culture to Commodity: White Theft in Fashion By: Olivia Donohue

Smoking Out Big Pharma: Why We Haven't Legalized By: Amanda Molloy

The 17% - Trying to Create Meaningful Inclusion By: Casey Chiappetta and Evie Lacroix

Spring 2016

Magazine Articles

Accountability for Child Soldiers: Little Weapon By: Laura Saini

Evaluating Rehabilitation Programs: Education For Assimilation By: Robert Kennedy

Are Jails the New Asylums? - Searching For Sanity By: Reina DuFore 

Restrictions Cramp Womens' Health Care: Terminating Abortion Access By: Paloma Losada 

Unapologetically Powerful: The "BItch" is Back By: Shayna Vayser

Afghan Women Weave Culture: Rugs & Resilience By: Alex Mazzarisi

Muslim Students Threatened by Stereotypes: Perception Inception By: Antoinette D'Addario

Immigrants' Biggest Battle: Tuition - Undocumented America(n) By: Kim Szarmach

Investigating AU's Alcohol Climate: Transport Trauma By: Will Fowler

Photo Essay: Digest This By: Jess Anderson and Olivia Donohue

Affects of Climate Change on Food Security: Growing Scarce By: Thomas Pool

Two Churches, One Love: Bridging the Divine By: D. Ashley Campbell

The New American Poet: Kyle Dargan By: Pamela Huber

Mini-Mag Articles

Making Waves: Gregg Harry By: Ben Pitler

Do it for the Gram: Laurie Collins By: Mary Sobran

A Cut Above the Rest: Camillo Damiano By: Andrea Lin

Headed for Rio: Caylee Watson By: Megan O'Keefe and Antoinette D'Addario

Working Peoples’ Wonk: Carlos Mark Vera By: Alyssa Mendez

Securing Sanctuary: Ruby Corado By: Kendra Yoshinaga

The Duchess of Davenport: Rebecca Regan By: Lauren Fay

Declaring Victory Over Ebola: Francis Kateh By: Alex Mazzarisi

Fall 2015

Magazine Articles

Weighing the Pros and Con(traceptives): A Period Piece By: Lydia Crouthamel

Health Education In Public Schools: Let's Talk About Sex By: Maris Laughton

Crunching Stats on Sexual Assault At AU: By The Numbers By: Maeve Allsup  

Music Unifies A Gentrified Community: Granny's Ball of Odds By: Genevieve Kotz

Elementary Bike Program Promotes Health: Pedaling for Progress By: Jess Anderson

When Will DC Become a State?: The 51st Star By: Lindsey Grutchfield 

Fighting The Sixth Mass Extinction: GONE GLOBE By: Pamela Huber

Refugees Seek Asylum: Borderline Justice By: Reina Dufore-Byrd 

Disparities in Financial Aid Access: Breaking the Bank By: Kendra Yoshinaga

Photo Essay: Même Pas Peur By: Jessica Wombles 

Street Sense Sells Upward Mobility: EXTRA! EXTRA! By: Lauren Fay

Linking Suspension & Incarceration: Cuffing the Kids By: Evie Lacroix

Forces of Habit: Nathifa Greene By: Paloma Losada 

AWOL Newswire Fall 2015

Mini-Mag Articles

AU’s Battle to Save Their Bees: Just Keep Buzzing By: Thomas Pool

Music Majors Play with Pride: Take Note By: Kaitlin Haraughty

Gamma Rho Lambda: Welcome to the Family By: Hannah Wilson-James and Evie Lacroix

Smoking Creates Tension on Campus: Got a Light? By: Maris Laughton

BDSM: Safe, Sane, Consensual: Untying Stigmas By: Alex Mazzarisi

The Dark Side of Anonymous Voices: Yuck Yaks By: Shayna Vayser

Strong Ladies of Women’s Rugby: Down and Dirty By: Lindsey Grutchfield

Working Around Imposter Syndrome: Who do You Think You Are By: Kendra Yoshinaga

Photo Essay: Holy Hill By: Megan Yoder

Changes in Mennonites’ Apolitical Culture: God Before Government By: Paloma Losada 

AU Debate Society Ranks Nationally: No Argument By: Shelby Ostergaard

Freegans Fight Food Waste: Dinner’s in the Dumpster By: Reina DuFore

Spring 2015

Magazine Articles

Creating a Haven for Abused Pets: Protecting Polly By: Emma Dacol

Stadium Sparks Gentrification Concerns: UNITED WE LEAVE By: Brendan Agnew

Implicit Racism At AU: UNMASKING PREJUDICE By: Casey Chiappetta

White Privilege in Study Abroad: The Racial Divide By: Megan Yoder

The Feminist Economist: Maria Floro By: Lydia Crouthamel

Paying for Your Unpaid Internship: Affording a Future By: Laura Sholtz

The Real Impact of High Tuition: You Are Not a Loan By: Julia Rapp

Plans for no-cost Community College Education: Free for All By: Antoinette D'Addario

Examining the Value of Online Learning: Clicking into Class By: Ben Pitler

Photo Essay: Let's Get High By: Evan Mills 

Recognizing Asexual identities: Acing the Sexuality Spectrum By: Andrea Lin

Campus Resources for Mental Health: Navigating the Maze By: Rain Freeman

Female Bodybuilders Raise the Bar: GIRL POWER By: Evie Lacroix

AWOL Newswire Spring 2015

Mini-Mag Articles

Challenging the Government's Use of Torture: CIA Under Fire By: Cate Tanenbaum 

Rallying to Support Police: Blue Lives Matter By: Angeline Rosato

Lying Down to Stand up: Beyond Ferguson By: Liam Kelsey

Poets Pave the Way for Justice: Black Lives Matter By: Ben Pitler

Students Contest Tuition Hikes: End-ing Debt By: Mary Martsen

Taking Down Torture, One Painting at a Time: Art as Protest By: Evie Lacroix

Deconstructing Obama’s Nuclear Overhaul: Countdown to Zero By: Rachel Falek

AU’s Teach-in on Implicit Bias: Confronting Racism By: Lydia Crouthmal

Questioning the Extent of Free Speech: Je Suis Charlie By Liza Layer and Luke Theuma

Fall 2014

Magazine Articles

Turning to Study Drugs: A is for Adderall By: Lydia Crouthamel

AU's Drug and Alcohol Policy: Pass the Bottle, Bypass the Bowl? By: Maura Fennelly

Sexual Assault Information Stickers: Writing on the Walls By: Alexa Marie Kelly

Exonerations on Death Row: Dead Man Walking By: Laura Saini 

One Man's Crusade Against the Vatican: Protesting Pedophilia By: Shelby Ostergaard

The Real Meaning of Nudity: Undressing Insecurities By: Jess Anderson

A Satire on Closeted Republicans: The Elephant in the Room By: Casey Chiappetta

Environmentalism in DC and Dubai: It's All About the Green By: Miranda Cleland

Photo Essay: Take Me to Church By: Miriam Baksh

Making Strides in Cancer Management: Kate Decicco-Skinner By: Alex Mazzarisi

Food Apps are Here to Stay: From Phone to Fork By: Eleanor Greene

The Plight of the Passenger Pigeon: Bye Bye Birdie By: Nathan Strauss 

AWOL Newswire Fall 2014

Mini-Mag Articles

A Light at the End of the Red Line: Shady Grove By: Miranda Cleland

Little Cakes, Big World: Friendship Heights By: Ellie Hartleb

Not Your Roommate’s Ramen: Woodley Park By: Alex Mazzarisi

Missing the Man Who Painted: Dupont Circle By: Shelby Ostergaard

Satisfy Your Inner Bookworm: Dupont Circle By: Ean Marshall

A Silent Salute: Judiciary Square By: Sam Russell

The Ivory Tower’s Fortress: Brookland By: Brendan Agnew

May the Crêpes be With You: Takoma By: Danielle Bourn

A Silver Lining: Tysons Corner By: Anna Marie Mulligan

The Lone Baker: Rosslyn By: Nicole Gray

Congressmen Need Tacos too: Capitol South By: Stephanie Rivera

Harry Potter Carries my Wallet: Eastern Market By: Alexa Marie Kelly

Here Rests in Honored Glory: Arlington Cemetery By: Lydia Grouthamel

Finding God on Every Corner: Deanwood By: Jess Anderson

Commercializing Chinatown: Gallery Place By: Evie LaCroix

A Greener Green Line: Anacostia By: Kim Szarmach

Brunch With a Silver Spoon: Waterfront By: Laura Saini

Street Art for u: U Street By: Deanna Mudry

Occupy Sodastream: Columbia Heights By: Julia Rapp

Spring 2014

Drug Testing After Decriminalization: Jobs or Joints? By: Laura Saini 

A Rumspringa Tale: Breaking Amish and Back Again By: Jess Anderson

A Hacker Haven for All: Rewiring the Capitol By: Brendan Agnew

Putting Your 77 cents Toward Gender Equality: Mind the Wage Gap By: Casey Chiappetta

Investigating Sexual Assault on Campuses: Standing with Survivors By: Haley Hawkins

Photo Essay: College Cuisine Confessions By: Pamela Huber

Diplomacy Blossoms: The Secret History of DC's Favorite Tree By: Jimmy Hoover 

Rediscovering Dialogue: The Other United States/Redescubriendo Diálogo los demás Estados Unidos By: Jose Mejía Sierra

Connecting with Incarcerated Writers - But I Still Soar By: Alexa Marie Kelly

Addressing Suicide in Prison: Behind Bars and Out of Hope By: Rain Freeman

Professor Profile: Chris Palmer By: Alex Mazzarisi

Unwholesome Whole Foodies: Shopping for Change By: Jessica Wombles

AWOL Newswire Spring 2014

Fall 2013

The Atlas and its Impact on the Neighborhood - Holding up H St. By: Brigitta Kinadi

When Your Property Does the Time: Policing for Profit By: Pamela Huber

DC'S Native Sound: Where's GO-GO Going? By: Jane Morice and Michael Mansheim

Real Food and Wages in TDR: Funding the Hand that Feeds you By: Haley Hawkins

One Woman’s Struggle with Life and Loss in the Immigration Debate Like the Eagle in Flight
By: Jimmy Hoover

Will DC Finally Grow Up? The District at its Height By: Evan Mills

Why Can't Journalism Acknowledge the Transgender Community? - Say My Name By: Lori McCue

Living Below a Living Wage: The Bare Minimum By: Linda Nyakundi

Art, Creation, and Culture: U st. and The District By: Tyler Berg

Professor Profile: Farhang Erfani By: Alexa Marie Kelly

Transformations at the Anacostia Museum: A Hidden History Lesson
 By: Chloe Johnson and Rain Freeman

Top 10 Insights for 20-Somethings from an Anacostian Cemetery Worker By: Maya Kosovo

AWOL Newswire Fall 2013

Spring 2013

AFTER NEWTOWN: Firearms Triggering Student Reactions By: Audrey van Gilder

Gentrification in the District: Exploring Ledroit Park By: Rhys Heyden 

Gentrification in the District: Lower Georgia Avenue Looks to the Future By: Jessamine Price

Lessons from a MPD Ride-Along Safety and Security in the City By: Jess Anderson

The reality of "Forced Interrogation" - Life After Torture By: Pamela Huber

Reviving an Action-packed Sport - Roller Derby Rough N' Tumble By: Taylor Kenkel

Keeping the Streets Safe: The District's Civilian Guardians By: Alexa Kelly

Perceptions of History - The Monumental Past By: Zac Deibel

Photo Essay: Looking at Union Market By: Jared Angle

Professor Profile: Simon Nicholson By: Eleanor Greene

THE nation's most politically ACTIVE campus? Hey! Ho! Forbidding Activism has got to go!
By: Jimmy Hoover

Life as an International Student Coming to America By: Gar Meng Leong

AWOL Newswire Spring 2013

Fall 2012

AU Student Experiences Homelessness: Unhousing an Undergrad By: Jess Anderson

The Experience of Burmese Immigrants Out of Asia Into the District By: Emily Edwards

Local Activists Battle Sex Trafficking Stopping Slavery in the Nation's Capital By: Rachel Lomot

Sioux Natives buy back Sacred Land: Lakota Stake Their Claim on the Earth By: Pamela Huber 

Photo Essay: The Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle By: Jared Angle, Nicole Brunet, Chris Lewis & Katie Fiegenbaum

Professor Profile: Alison Thomas By: Dinah Douglas

The Forgotten DC School: The Strange Saga of Southeastern University By: Eleanor Greene

DC's Innovative Harm Reduction Policies Helping Heroin Users GET Clean By: Jared Angle

Ethiopian Punk Rock in the District Smells Like Ethiopian Spirit By: Ethan Miller

AWOL Newswire Fall 2012

Spring 2012

Jan BREWHAHA: Arizona Governor Draws Student Protest By: Allison Butler

Adjuncts Strike Back: AU's Lowest-paid Faculty Unionize By: Ethan Miller

A Hard Pill to Swallow: Contraception & Contemporary Politics By: Kelcie Pegher

It’s Showtime! An Inside Look at  the Avalon Theatre By: Eleanor Greene

Cracking Down on Lighting Up: AU considers anti-smoking measures By: Taylor Kenkel

A Year After the VAWA protest: Student action leads to change By: Ashley Dejean

Photo Essay: Looking at Life in Lhasa By: Shaina Lipsy and Aaron Berkovich

Professor Profile: Sally Shelton-Colby By: Ashley Dejean and Lori McCue

"Museum City's" Less Popular Attractions A Survey of Non-Smithsonian Sites By: Ean Marshall

Greetings from Abroad By: Claire Dapkiewicz & Zac Deibel

AWOL Newswire March 2012

Fall 2011

Protest Nation: Screaming to the Wind By: Sarah Palazzolo

“You’re my First Asian.” Race as a Sexual Conquest By: Emily Edwards

Troy Davis: Revisiting a Conversation By: Emily Martin

Island of Dreams: Reversing a Century of Neglect on the Anacostia By: Gustav Cappaert

AU’s Forgotten President: Notes From a Troubled Career By: Joe Gruenbaum

Student Government: Auditioning for Office By: Allison Butler

Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia: The Fight Against the Coal Industry By: 
Nick Florko & Alexa Orndorff

Professor Profile: Nate Harshman Talks Scrabble and Quantum Physics By: Ean Marshall 

Beards for a Cause: Beards Build Better Business By: Claire Dapkiewicz

House Resolution-57: Feelin’ the Global Groove on H Street By: Sara Lovett

AWOL Newswire December 2011

Spring 2011

How not to Develop: Guatemala’s Las Trojes II Mine
By: Alexandra Gordon 

Architecture at AU: Aesthetics and Academics By: Anna Naser 

Rebellious Recreation - Drugs, Alcohol and Activism By: Richard Phillips

Shaping Policy in Nicaragua: International Relations From a Different Country — AU Professors Share Their Story By: Alexandra Gordon

Two Cities, One Struggle: Reflections on HIV/AIDS in Cape Town and DC By: Tahmina Ahmed

Roots of Revolution: Student Inspired by Arab Spring By: Ashley Dejean

Fonkoze in Rural Haiti: A Microcredit Sucess Story By: Audrey Van Gilder and Shoshanna Sumka

From the Blacktop to the Blackboard - Hip-Hop’s Growing Role in Education By: Kevin Kunitake

Click it or Picket? - Activism in the Internet Age By: Zac Deibel

Professor Profile: Iris Krasnow By: Kelcie Pegher

Behind the Swipes: Conversations with Bon Appetit Employees By: Gustav Cappaert

Scholarships for Burma By: Zachary Cohen

Up All Night: AU Relay for Life By: Corinne Abolafia

AWOL Newswire April 2011

Fall 2010

Get Serious: Stop Ridiculing the Tea Party By: Peter Harrison

AWOL's $12,000 Budget With Strings Attached? By: Editors

Paintings, Parties and Performances: The Many Faces of the Katzen Arts Center By: Emily Reid

The Home Front: Where the Recession Really Matters By: Richard Phillips

Gay and Greek: How LGBTQ Students Navigate AU Fraternity Culture By: Ashley Dejean 

Volunteers for Empire: Our Help Isn't Helping By: Robbie Cavooris 

Revolutionary Tourism: Cuba's Deal With the Devil By: Chris Lewis 

NO/WONK Advancing Universities Instead of Students By: Erin Lockwood

Professor Profile: Charles Larson By: Chris Lewis

Nonsensical Data: Our erratic U.S. census By: Nora Pullen

Socrates and the Sophists By: John Bly

Making AU a Fair Trade Campus

Support Medical Marijuana in DC

AWOL Newswire December 2010

AWOL on Local