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About AWOL

AWOL is a progressive magazine run by American University students in Washington, DC. Founded in the spring of 2008 with support from Campus Progress, AWOL is now a recognized publication of American University.

We exist to ignite campus discussion of social, cultural, and political issues, and serve as an outpost for students to explore solutions to local and global problems. We hope to build bridges between American University and the world around it, ultimately making our campus more inquiring, egalitarian and socially engaged.

AWOL is not affiliated with any political party or ideology. Our stories have an angle, which is different from having an agenda; our reporting is impartial and fair, but our analysis is critical and argumentative.

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Commitment to Accuracy

The American Way of Life Magazine emphasizes fairness and accuracy and is proud of its commitment to the truth. While articles published in the magazine or its affiliated website may have an angle, meaning they explore an issue through a specific lens, they do not have an agenda. The purpose of American Way of Life Magazine’s content is not to deceive, manipulate, or distort the facts. If a reader suspects an ulterior motive behind content produced by the organization, or believes that a correction or clarification of published content is necessary, she/he should submit a formal complaint using the format below and the matter will be investigated promptly and with the utmost respect to all parties involved.

Editors, writers, and American Way of Life staff who are concerned about potential corrections or clarifications should report to the originating editor and writer prior to publication, if possible, or after publication when the concerns immediately arise.

The organization respects the difference between a correction and a clarification, and will act accordingly in regards to that difference. A correction, or formal acknowledgement of fault accompanied by the rectified information, shall be issued in response to a factual error. A clarification may be inserted into an article via parenthesis, strikethroughs or addendums to adjust potentially misleading language.

It is the belief of all representatives of American Way of Life that the organization exists to serve its readership, facilitate insightful conversation, and be a vehicle for positive change. This cannot happen without trust, and American Way of Life Magazine is dedicated to preserving its credibility.


Content Corrections Policy

American Way of Life Magazine is a student publication at American University and is editorially independent from the university.

Part of American Way of Life Magazine’s mission is to serve as a historical record of the news and events and content created by the American University community. Therefore, American Way of Life Magazine generally does not remove content from its website , including its online Archives. In case of a factual error, the American Way of Life Magazine’s created content will be corrected and updated with an editor’s note, but not removed.

If you feel there is a factual error regarding an article, column, photo or other material created by the American Way of Life Magazine, please submit your formal request to the below address. Request must include the following:

  1. the name of the written work, 
  2. its author, 
  3. the date of publication, 
  4. a hyperlink to the online version,
  5. the factual error in question, 
  6. and any supporting documents.

Requests should be submitted to

Meet Our Staff

Pamela Huber

Pamela is a senior studying literature, creative writing and biology. She loves to go in-depth in her reporting, covering human rights, social justice and the environment. When she hiked through the Smoky Mountain portion of the Appalachian Trail, she carried a book of 100 pocket poems and a notebook from Florence with her. This is pretty indicative of her priorities.

Contact her at

Jess Anderson

Jess is a senior studying journalism and CLEG, and often forgets about that pesky second degree as she explores topics ranging from homelessness to children riding bicycles. She is particularly fond of participatory journalism, and once visited a nudist resort for a story. Her favorite things include eating, sleeping and adventuring.

Contact her at

Alex Mazzarisi
Managing Editor

Alex is a senior studying public communication and anthropology. She is currently the Mentorship Director of SOC’s Student Ambassadors and an intern at the United Nations Foundation. At AWOL, she enjoys writing about the lesser-known clubs and activities on AU’s campus and she also enjoys conducting interviews for Professor Profiles. You can usually find her eating ramen in Adams Morgan.

Contact her at

Ellyse Stauffer
Art Director

Elly is a senior majoring in International Studies with a minor in History. Elly loves to design and illustrate for AWOL and tries her darndest to do justice to the most important part of every issue - the words. She likes gardens, sunglasses and sending letters. Contrary to what some would have you believe, Elly is not Amish.

Contact her at

Andrea Lin
PR Manager

Andrea is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Graphic Design. Her favorite topics to write about concern racial justice, sexuality, and their intersections with public policy. She considers herself an unapologetic millennial obsessed with social media, and she dreams about one day beating the world record for fastest typing speed.

Contact her at

Rachel Falek
Blog Editor

Rachel is a sophomore majoring in Print Journalism and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She enjoys writing about social justice issues and the dynamics of privilege and oppression. In her free time, Rachel loves to read and discuss feminist literature, get angry at the patriarchy, and give her friends Pillow Pets for being awesome.

Contact her at

Lydia Crouthamel
Staff Editor

Lydia is a sophomore studying Business, Language and Culture on the Spanish track. She likes to explore topics and ideas for AWOL; her article about study drugs is her favorite. She loves searching for great food, reading, and discovering new things.

Contact her at

Evangeline Lacroix
Staff Editor

Evangeline is a sophomore studying journalism, computer science and political science. Her storytelling focuses on communities, and their relationship to the larger stories centered in economic, racial and sexual disenfranchisement. When she is not working, she can be found having solo adventures in DC by way of the bus system because she unabashedly loves public transportation systems.

Contact her at

Laura Saini
Staff Editor

Laura is a junior studying both law and journalism. She loves writing about interesting legal topics. She currently works at the Department of Justice, and she likes to combine her interest of law and journalism by writing about hot topics in the criminal justice realm. She has written stories about decriminalization of marijuana, police brutality, and exonerations of inmates facing death row

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