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May the Crêpes be With You: Takoma

Nestled in Northeast D.C. lies a quaint metro stop known as Takoma. Even quainter is the community surrounding it. However, Takoma, despite it’s charming architecture, classy La Mano Coffee shop, and picturesque couples casually walking their children, has one serious downfall. Its food truck festival. 

Takoma’s Food Truck Fridays, which technically takes place in Takoma Park, Maryland (Takoma and Takoma Park seem to bleed together), was advertised joyfully online at the Main Street Takoma community page. The listing conjures up images of ten or twelve food trucks, lots of fabulous people, some music, and balloons for days. In reality, Takoma’s sad Food Truck Friday was only home to three food trucks. Some might find it a disapointment. 

But for those who venture to Holy Crêpes, it’s not a disappointment-- it might even make up for all the nonexistent balloons and music in the world. This little truck, as crazy as this might seem, could possibly even stand as a food truck festival in itself. Holy Crêpes is a little silver truck which bares an uncanny resemblance to a spaceship.

This little charmer was the sweet spot (literally and figuratively) in this sad Food Truck Friday. Their six dollar Peanut Butter/Chocolate/Banana crêpe is the light at the end of the tunnel, the perfect representation of what one could tell their grandchildren the “glory days” of college were all about. Holy Crêpes is the silent force that brings unsuspecting patrons to Takoma, calling them there despite the obscenely long metro ride, not unlike the magical force that kept bringing Harry and Sally together, or the one Darth Vader won’t shut up about.

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