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Photo Essay: Let's Get High

You can smoke it, you just can’t sell it.

On Feb. 26, marijuana use was legalized in the District, but laws limit residents over the age of 21 to the possession of up to 2 ounces of weed and the ability to have plants in their homes, so long as there are no more than three immature and three mature plants. But the laws did not legalize a market for the drug, nor for its seeds, which are needed to grow the plants at home. But pot smokers have found a way to get the goods, as everyone knew they would. They just share it.

On March 30, Adam Eidinger, the leader of the DC Cannabis Campaign, hosted a seed exchange at his home and campaign headquarters on Massachusetts Avenue near Embassy Row, where people could bring seeds to trade, legally and in public. The highly publicized event also attracted anti-pot activists, who handed out flyers to passersby. For those who showed up to participate in the exchange, the line stretched a quarter of a mile down the street and took an hour and a half to get through. But people were happy to wait.   - Eleanor Greene

Legalization advocates gave out stickers advocating for the DC Cannabis Campaign efforts.

DC residents swap seeds for new strains of cannabis.

People waited in line for over an hour waiting for free rolling papers and cannabis seeds.

A woman displays marijuana growing equipment to people waiting in line at the second DC cannabis seed exchange.

A man selling marijuana grinders to people standing in line at the DC cannabis seed exchange.

A man hands out information about  cultivating cannabis plants to people waiting in line.

A legal exchange of cannbis seeds and paraphernalia.

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