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Little Cakes, Big World: Friendship Heights

Rick Gossett and Angela Winter met at a gala for ovarian cancer— an unlikely venue for the conception of a bakery. That night, the two became business partners after discovering Winter was searching for a brick and mortar for her catering company, and Gossett was looking to start a bakery in his recently purchased Friendship Heights storefront. Their fateful meeting became Sweet Teensy Bakery, which opened its doors just a few months ago. 

With jars of colorful sugar sticks lining one wall, chalkboard menus above a counter full of fresh pastries, and bar-style seating at the white marble countertop lining the wall of windows at the storefront, Sweet Teensy Bakery brands itself as the quintessential neighborhood bakery, situated in one of Washington’s most high-end shopping districts. It’s the kind of place where the man behind the counter greets his customers by name and knows their regular order. Its friendly atmosphere appeals to business professionals on the run, college students who are tired of studying in Starbucks, and families who just want to relax.

“We want to be what people remember as a neighborhood bakery where people know the bakers almost as family,” said Gossett. 

After telling his bakery’s story, Gossett handed over what he deemed their best cupcake and iced coffee combination— the Classic Chocolate Cupcake, and the Shakeorata. The chocolate cupcake with tangy vanilla frosting was served in brown paper on a sleek white platter, while the coffee was served with shots of espresso, syrup, and sugar, shaken over ice and poured like a mixed drink.  

There is still more work to be done at Sweet Teensy Bakery, including the making of an official menu and storefront sign. But it seems the cute and comfortable bakeshop is here to stay, and is just one metro stop away.

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