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Congressmen Need Tacos too: Capitol South

If your mouth waters for steamy fajitas, thick guacamole or an inside out burrito (yes, that exists), Tortilla Coast is the go to place.

Located across from the Capitol South Metro stop, T-coast (as most call it) is normally a go-to lunch, dinner and happy hour spot for congressional staffers. It’s also a venue for many fundraisers hosted by members of Congress. Bright colors and quirky fish images decorate T-coast for a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

The menu is filled with your typical tex-mex dishes. From enchiladas to taco salads, T-Coast knows how to throw down. Their chips and salsa can also be a meal on their own, because they are super addicting and can get you full before the order arrives.

Some of signature dishes include enchiladas, the sunset burrito and the popular Inside Out burrito. As a favorite Tex Mex haunt for members of the federal government, T-Coast is pricey with $1.50 for small guacamole and $12.95 chimichangas. But the portions don’t disappoint.

On the weekends, T-Coast offers a killer brunch, which includes huevos rancheros, pancakes and breakfast burritos.

Fun fact: former VP hopeful Paul Ryan once served chips and salsa there when he first moved to Washington.

Tortilla Coast located at 400 First Street SE. 

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